We introduce innovative automations for contractors, improving the level of sales tools for your business model

Benefits of automations for contractors
With CRM set up, all your leads from all sources will be collected in one place. You will stop missing new leads and new messages from customers.
What is the main value of CRM for contractors?
Because the CRM system has absolutely all your clients and correspondence history with them, you automatically increase the conversion.
How does CRM help increase sales?
With a CRM system, you can track each manager's work, set tasks, and prohibit the manager for a client. Also, you will have access to transparent analytics of fulfilled tasks and made calls.
How and where does CRM help you improve manager control?
The sum of all the tools in CRM has a positive impact on sales. By increasing the conversion rate, the profit increases as well.
How does CRM help to increase profits?
CRM helps you organise your customer service process in one place. Notifications, mailings, and client correspondence are no longer in chaos. Everything becomes more structured.
Why CRM?
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