There are 2 automation options

Appointments automations

The client books an appointment time in the calendar on the website. The appointment is displayed on the website immediately.

The client then receives an automatic appointment email to the provided personal email address.

After a client has booked a time, the deal automatically appears in the CRM funnel as "Appointment Scheduled".

And then the deal moves through the statuses. When it is 12 hours before the appointment time, the deal moves to " Appointment Today". When it is 2 hours after appointment time, the deal moves to "Paid Won" status.

The internal deal card shows all the information about the deal. For example, you can see the date of the appointment, the time, the customer's contact details and the cost of the procedure.

Moreover, there is a separate tab for use by the Salesautomators team. Detailed information about the transaction is also displayed there.

If a customer reschedules or cancels their order, this will also be displayed in the CRM system and in the internal deal card. The note of the reschedule is then created that the appointment has been changed in the deal card.

The customer also receives an email with new information about the rescheduled appointment date and time.

The customer also receives all SMS about changes to their appointments, including cancellations. All the SMS are integrated by our own telephony automations.
Оne-time customer appointments
When a customer cancels an appointment, the deal is automatically moved to "Close - lost" status. This is displayed inside the customer's deal card as well as in your internal notification system.
*All SMS are sending out due to additional integration with CRMPBX telephony and are charged individually per message. You can find out more about telephony here:
When a customer purchases a membership programme, the deal apperars in the "appointment unsheduled". When the appointment is booked, it moves to the "appointment scheduled" status.

When it is 48 hours before the appointment time, the deal moves to the status «appointment tomorrow» status. When it is 12 hours before the appointment time, the deal moves to the «appointment today» status.

Such a deal shows the type of appointment, the date, time and how many visits are left in the membership programme. The certificate number is also displayed. The information inside the deal card becomes apdated after every shedule of the new appointment.

Internally the data is updated if the customer reschedules the appointment or cancels it. If the customer is active and new appointments are booked, then each time the status of the deal is moved to "appointment scheduled" and all the data within the deal is updated.
After one of the appointment is closed the deal card is coming back to the "appointment scheduled" or "appointment unsheduled" status depending on the next appointment (whether it is scheduled or not).

Everything goes in a loop within one deal card until the end of all the appointments. After that the deal move to the "membership expired" status.
Мembership-based customer appointments