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Ringostat – perfect business phone & marketing performance platform.The Salesautomators team efficiently implements the Ringostat system and customises all customisation settings to improve your sales force

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The 3 main benefits of our Ringostat implementation
Deal status
With the help of our integration, no deal, wherever the lead comes from, will be lost. Ringostat will automatically create deals on incoming leads in a single table, where you can display the communication status with the lead and remind you of the next sales step. What's more, we'll also set up SMS integration for you to accumulate incoming messages in the same way
Thanks to our integration, incoming calls will not come to the same person, who is often incompetent in the right field for the lead. That is, we will set up distribution of incoming calls to the responsible manager - for whom it is registered for a particular subject
Static and dynamic call tracking
Distribution of calls to the responsible person
All incoming calls are automatically logged in the CRM system, forming a single base. Using call tracking, you will get statistics of where exactly the calls come from, and from which platforms and services. This will help you improve your sales analytics and find your success rate in attracting your customers
Features of Ringostat
Local & International numbers

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Call recording

Call queuing

Business hours

Customized reporting
Sources of the calls

Calls segmentation

Cross-domain tracking


Caller ID

Call forwarding
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