CRMPBX – phone system set for integration with Kommo CRM. The perfect decision for phone & SMS automations to improve your sales performance.

Salesatomators – we help to improve your business with CRMPBX

Significant advantages to setting up CRMPBX for your business
One of the advantageous features implemented through CRMPBX integration is a sales bot that automatically integrates with Kommo CRM. The integration is adjusted so that when the Sales bot is activated, automatic notifications and reminders are generated. These can be scheduled at certain intervals, e.g. every 10/30/60 days.
Sales bot automation
Only the responsible salesperson will receive SMS and calls from leads, even if clients call to main company number. You can customise any call scenario that fits your company's needs. Responsible managers are assigned to certain calls, and are then the final receivers of the calls.
Distribution of calls to the responsible person
All conversations with clients are recorded and saved to the corresponding contact. You will not lose any details of your conversation and can listen to it anytime. Unreceived calls, the time and date they were received, and the option to save them in a correspondence chronology are also stored
Call recordings
You receive detailed call analytics from all incoming calls. In the summary report, you will see how many calls were made, which leads came from where, how active the leads are, etc.
Call analitycs
It is possible to set link tracking when you send a link in a message to a lead. This displays all the actions a lead performs on the link sent
Link tracking
Call from the platform without dialing a phone number. In the CRM system, you can automatically choose to call a lead through the system without the help of third-party programmes
Any incoming call or SMS will generate a corresponding lead in the CRM system. Furthermore, the source of the incoming lead is automatically transferred, identifying where it came from and entering it into the CRM system. You can also create separate funnels by lead type, and the lead will automatically be routed to the right funnel for you
Automatic deal creation
Your sales managers will no longer have to think about forgetting to write to the clients. The process will be fully automated, and no client will be forgotten. All messages sent from both sides are automatically transferred to the CRM system. You can start an SMS conversation without leaving the platform
SMS integration and messages automation
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