From setting up personalised CRM systems to establishing automated customer communications and sending notifications, we create and develop innovative, next-generation solutions to automate the beauty industry's business model

Beauty industry

What benefits you get with the assistance of Salesautomators
Improve your website and social media
Client generation from SMS and phone calls
Import client lists from any source
Track sales performance
Automate communication with clients
Increase the amount of returning clients
Automate business processes
Manage your clients
What is the most important thing for the beauty industry?
The customer is moved to a corresponding stage depending on the deal status inside the implemented CRM system
Client generation
The integrated platform will send multiple SMS to the client within a set time frame to reach this client. For example, a notification will be sent before the appointment and after one month as a notification to come again
Multiple follow up automation
Your sales managers will no longer have to think about forgetting to write to the clients. The process will now be fully automated, and no client will be forgotten
Sending messages automatically
Through automated notifications and aligned processes, a greater percentage of clients will leave feedback on your service, improving your ranking on the needed platform
Grow your social media rating
Appointments automation
The Salesautomators team will help you set up automatic customer bookings and implement online payment automations. We set up an integration with an auto appointment system to make your business process easier.

Book and schedule clients and attract new customers. With software that anticipates your every need, you can keep your attention right where it belongs: creating the best experiences for your clients.
Phone system set up
You can start SMS conversation without leaving the platform
SMS integration
You receive detailed call analytics from all the incoming calls
Call analytics
Call from the platform without dialing phone number
All conversations with clients are recorded and saved to the corresponding contact. You will not lose any details of your conversation and will be able to listen to it anytime
Call recordings
Only responsible sales person will receive SMS and calls from clients even if clients call to main company number. You can customize any call scenario that fits your company needs
Distribution of calls to the responsible user
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