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CRM Implementation Packages

Basic Implementing Package

This package will fit to small teams with up to 3 users. We'll help you make the on-board process with your CRM more effective.

The price starts from $3000

Sales team Implementing Package

This is the best solution for businesses with sales departments. This package includes custom integrations into CRM and implementation of advanced lead fetching from various communication channels and online marketing platforms.

The price starts from $6000

Scale Implementing Package

This package is a perfect choice for companies with marketing budgets from $3000+ per month. This option will provide you with detailed marketing and sales plans for addressing business weaknesses to scale your business.

The price starts from $9000
Tiny task
If you are interested in experimenting or implementing your own ideas into your CRM please feel free to reach us with an inquiry for a custom task
1 hour task - $100 per hour

Custom requests and tasks

Large-scale task
11-20 hours tasks - $40 per hour
Small-scale task
2-3 hours tasks - $70 per hour
Small project
20+ hours tasks - $35 per hour
Medium-sized task
4-10 hours tasks - $50 per hour
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